PageProdigy.com allows you to create an (all digital) ePublication with a low cost subscription. Use PageProdigy's Revolutionary Cloud Designer and digitally publish instantly using our eViewer for easy distribution and reading. Once in digital form, you can share it with those you choose or the world.  Whether it's a homework assignment, a report for work, an anniversary gift or an all out digital newspaper or newsletter for your business or cause, simply create an ePublication and post links to it in emails, on websites, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs or whatever social media you use, and everyone will be able to read it on their computer, tablet, or smart phone.  An ePubication is an incredible new way to update your news and information without resubmitting the same thing over and over again on every site you use!  

    REMEMBER!  Our digital viewer is entirely ad free, and your publication will share space with NO other publications!  Your ePublication is private and safe from the adult content that other publications might have.  

    How It Works

    Enter our easy to use Cloud Page Designer and start designing (either from scratch or design from our many templates) and when you are done, simply choose the "Print or Publish" tab (a subscription is require for ePublishing). Your projects are all saved online and you download nothing to your computer. You can also access it from any computer anywhere when you want to design or even have others design for you from other computers and locations.

    What You Get

    All ePublications include a printable PDF available in the “Projects/Account” area of the PageProdigy Designer.

    A shareable link that allows you to view your ePublication on a digital viewer. This link can be posted on social media sites, forwarded with your mailing lists, and shared in a variety of ways on the internet. 

    All ePublications are downloadable (and printable) to your readers and include embed codes and links.

    ePublications can be showcased by PageProdigy upon approval. PageProdigy will help share your publication with the world through our social media sites. You can submit your publication for our Showcase when ever you create your ePublication.

    ePublications stay published until we are notified to discontinue or a period of 2 years, whichever comes first.
    Postponements are available.

    Subscription Prices for ePublications

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