PageProdigy Commercial Licensing

    Licensing Available for Webstores, Business or Educational Purposes

    PageProdigy Licensing offers our Cloud Design Program to large groups at low volume pricing.

    One of the largest expenses for ecommerce stores, small businesses, schools and organizations is software. With design software specifically, you are literally required to buy an individual software program for each and every member of your group, download the program on every computer and consequently re-download it if you change or update your computers. You have to go through the same routine for each and every update. That cost can add up fast, not only for the program itself, but the time it takes to service so many computers.

    Not anymore. PageProdigy completely eleminates the need to download anything, update anything, and brings the cost down for your organization to a price point bordering on enjoyable. 

    For Webstores: PageProdigy allows a Cloud Design Program organized for your specific customers and products. Incorporate the Designer directly to your website. Perfect for any kind of print store or commerce where your customers need a design platform without paying for it.

    For Schools: PageProdigy allows a Cloud Design Program for your students and faculty. A wonderful way to help those students with limited means (and share with each other online)

    For Businesses: PageProdigy allows a Cloud Design Program for your employees. Share without the need to send PDF's.


    If you own a website or online platform that needs a design program like PageProdigy, please contact us at:

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