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Virtually no learning curve. Design and print from any computer. Only $1 per page or purchase a low cost subscription.



    Choose your page size and begin. Start with a template or a blank page, and add your own content such as photos and text. Use our extensive online tools to get it looking just right.



    Two publishing options available! Create a PDF for your home, business or commercial printer, or publish as an electronic online publication with our eViewer to share online.



    Share with others without the hassles of passing files back and forth, buying multiple programs, or downloading software. Invite anyone to instantly view your project.

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Core Design Features

Home, Office, and Commercial Printing

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Core Design Features

Home, Office, and Commercial Printing

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What is PageProdigy?

PageProdigy is a Cloud Alternative to Desktop Publishing, allowing a variety of features and benefits which downloadable publishing programs cannot offer.

Choose a page size in standard or metric, choose a margin, then start designing.

It's that easy!

PageProdigy is...

  • Extremely Inexpensive
    • Print for just $1.00 per page! Nothing else can offer you the value of a true cloud designer with all the tools you've come to expect and 1000s of templates for just $1.00 per page. Subscriptions are also available, starting at just $19, for those who want to leverage the power of PageProdigy even more.
  • Extremely Easy to Use
    • Designed for all ages and using familiar tools, our cloud designer requires virtually no learning curve. Anyone can create a flyer, business card, brochure, poster, newsletter, homework assignment or any kind of project within seconds. For more ease of use, take advantage of our vast library of templates.
  • For a Global Audience
    • Our templates are built for both US and international sizes so you can design in the unit of measurement you are most comfortable with: imperial or metric rulers.
  • Print Adaptable
    • Allows printing on your home printer.

      Allows creation of a PDF for outside printing.

      Allows digital publishing using our eViewer for social media use, blogs, websites, email and other internet formats.

  • Offers Sharing Capabilities
    • Allows you to invite and share your publications with others easily so that you can proof or get approval for any design--at no cost to you.
  • Offers Total Flexibility
    • Can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection from any part of the world. There is nothing to download and no storage restrictions, thus allowing your computer to remain clutter free.
  • Browser Friendly
    • Works on multiple browsers including Chrome, IE, Firefox, and Safari.

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